Aakhri Khat" | Full Movie | Rajesh khanna | Indrani Mukherjee

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Published on Aug 22, 2017
Synopsis:It was in scenic Kulu that Govind Bali had first met Lajoo, both fell in love, got married secretly in a temple and parted company. When Lajoo becomes pregnant, her step-mother sells her to a male for 500 Rupees, where she is beaten and thrown out. She goes to Govind, who is on the verge of going to America, who refuses to believe that the child is his. Lajoo writes a letter informing him that she will never see him again. Govind re-locates to Bombay where he starts his own business, and makes a sculptor of Lajoo. She writes to him from Amritsar when she gives birth to Buntu her son. She again writes to him from Delhi when he begins to walk, and yet another letter when he begins to talk. The last two letters that Govind receives inform him that Lajoo and Buntu are now in Bombay, that Lajoo is seriously ill and may not live long. Shortly thereafter Govind goes to the Police, meets with a skeptical Inspector Naik, and a few days later he is asked to identify Lajoo's lifeless body found ... Star Cast:Rajesh Khanna , Indrani Mukherjee,Tun Tun,Master Bunty,Manvendra Chitnis,Mohan Choti,Naqi Jehan, Director:Chetan Anand, Music:Khayyam ,Lyrics:Kaifi Azmi, Singer:Mohd Rafi,Lata Mangeshkar,Manna Dey,Bhupender Singh Genre: Musical Hit Category Film & Animation Licence Standard YouTube Licence
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