DD Lok Sabha

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DD Loksabha
Published on Oct 04, 2012
DD Lok Sabha TV is cable television network television channel of India. It is a channel straight from the Government of India that offers brilliant cover of federal government proceedings. It also covers a variety other public affairs programming. The channel had been initially introduced to make things accessible to all of the parliamentary and legislative bodies of India. The channel broadcasts both live and recorded coverage of the Lok Sabha (lower house of Parliament). On the other hand, Rajya Sabha TV covers all of the sessions conducted in Rajya Sabha (upper house of Parliament). It was in the year 1989 that a few important Parliamentary proceedings were telecasted in India. This was the time President's address to Parliament was shown to the entire nation through live television. Post Question Hours lower and upper Houses in 1994, the shows were broadcasted live on alternate weeks on satellite television as well as All India Radio. The broadcasts were programmed to guarantee airing on a specific week proceedings in both Houses on TV and radio respectively. Later on in the year 2006, DD Lok Sabha was replaced by Lok Sabha TV (LSTV). This is a 24-hour TV channel (Hindi and English). It is owned and operated entirely by the Lok Sabha itself. Presently, Rajiv Mishra heads the Lok Sabha TV who is a renowned Media/Broadcast professional and founder President of Association of Radio Broadcasters of India (AROI). Live streaming of Lok Sabha TV facility is available online these days. One can watch their favourite channel on their PC, smartphones, and tablets.
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